2017 Mortgage Link / Wells Partners Western Sydney University Prizes

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Mortgage Link / Wells Partners Western Sydney University Prizes for their outstanding performance in the 2016 Academic Year. The recipients of this years awards are:

Most Outstanding Property Projects – Matthew Cahill and Alex Farmer
Applied Finance – Year 2 – Tra Nguyen
Economics – Year 1 – Justin Ivanovic
Economics – Year 2 – Leonel Giovannini
Financial Institutions and Markets – Nikhil Pillay and Justin Ivanovic

It was a fantastic evening and we wish all these individuals the very best of success into the future.

Message of Thanks from the Recipient

“I was drawn to property through purchasing an investment property and enjoying the processes involved in selecting the right property. I decided upon a career change and put all my efforts into the Property degree at WSU. I was included on the Dean’s Merit List (2014-16), awarded the Leightons Property Scholarship in Property in 2014 and will receive the Deans Medal for 2016. I am currently employed by Taylor Byrne as a cadet valuer. However, my goal is to experience the property fund side of the industry that was introduced to me during the course and which I found to be very interesting.

Receiving these awards means a great deal to me. It is not only recognition of the hard work that I have put in to my studies, but the fact that leading industry participants also recognise the hard work that goes into achieving these results that makes me very proud to be the recipient of these awards. It also gives someone like myself from a regional country area the opportunity to network with the donors, which I believe is a huge benefit towards advancing my career.”

– Matthew Cahill

“I have always had a passion for Property. Whether it be high rise residential apartments, or your every day project homes. Seeing a project/building come from the ground up is a rewarding experience. Currently i am working as a Development Graduate at Stockland in the Completed Homes and Medium Density Team, meaning I am able to work on all aspects of delivering a residential development. My goals for the future are to develop my skill set within Stockland and further my development career.

It is an honour to receive this award or any award for the hard work and dedication we put into our uni careers.”

– Alex Farmer

“I am a committed student who puts 100% effort into everything. I am a Dean’s Scholarship holder of my degree which was awarded to me based on academic achievement in my HSC. I have made the Dean’s Merit List for the 2015 and 2016 academic years. At the end of my first year at uni in 2015, I landed a part time job at an accounting and financial planning firm. I have since been working part time and studying full time at uni where I have acquired invaluable industry experience. I hope to challenge myself in the future, work hard as well as working smart and be within an industry that I enjoy.

I am proud of my achievements to date and grateful for the recognition and prize. I thoroughly enjoy my field of study and it means a lot to be recognised. Receiving an award like this gives me further motivation to do well. Also, the opportunity to expand my network with the donor of the prize and know more about the industry is exciting.”

– Justin Ivanovic

“I am passionate about economics and finance. I like to go out to dinner with my friends. I’m currently co-writing music and recording drums in a band. Achievements include: Peer support leader, helping my university colleagues further understand unit materials by creating and conducting fun relatable exercises. Recording music. Leading various group projects; one in particular was a presentation for the owner of a small business in North Sydney which was positively received. My goals for the future are to enter the workforce and be part of a reliable team within the finance industry.

It is an honor to have your work efforts be recognised. It furthers my drive to continue in my efforts to reach my goals.”

– Leonel Giovannini

“[I am a] high-school graduate of 2008. Started working on a full-time basis in order to fund subsequent studies. Currently working in the banking industry as an assistant manager, funding commercial property investment and development. Looking to obtain my degree and further my career in finance, with the ultimate goal of being self-employed.

As I initially struggled with determining my career path, I did not commence tertiary studies immediately after high school. I spent several years in entry-level positions before realising my passion for finance and economics. As such, being presented with this award provides an opportunity to demonstrate to my friends, family and peers that it is never too late to achieve a goal.”

– Nikhil Pilay

Thank you once again for your support of our students and the University through the Wells Partners / Mortgage Link Prizes.

As you will have seen at the awards ceremony, prizes like yours mean so much to our students and their families. The encouragement they receive from your support will motivate them to continue to strive for excellence.